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My name is Riley.
I'm 21 and I like to party.
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franco(s) trollin.

The Social Network (2010) → “.03 percent.


Your friendly neighborhood subway rider, Andrew Garfield.

Andrew Garfield promoting The Amazing Spider-man

“I can’t hear anything the translator’s saying, where’s the volume on this thing?
Ah, there you go. *turns volume up to 100%*
That’s much bett—HOLY SHIT.
Alright, Andrew, just put the thing down and be cool, no one saw it.”

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What are some of the pluses and minuses of wearing a tight fitting unitard? 


#if someone made me do this #i would feel extremely uncomfortable #and probably like start bursting out laughing #but this is andrew garfield we’re talking about here #he has class motherfucka

“There was a picture journal that I took throughout (filming) with a stills photographer; we had a day in the life of Spider-Man.”